About the 2012 Festival & What's Next

Sorry if you missed this past Festival!  It was a great success and an extraordinary model of collaboration.

Hope you can come to the next Festival: July 2015 in Montreal! It will be an international festival with people from all over the world.


(In the video left to right: Ali, Gregory Ford, Tim Reagan, Kimberly Rattley, Andrea Miano, Deborah Zavos, Ron Miller, and Ani Boitel. Others in the host committee had to leave before the video was taken.)


Please invite your friends, colleagues, and networks.  

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DC-area folks:  please download & post flyer 1 or 2


The 2012 Festival Program

​Making Life Visible:
Playback Theatre
on the North American Stage 

Oct. 5-8, 2012
at Sidwell Friends School, Washington DC

"Making Life Visible: Playback Theatre on the North American Stage" offered three days of workshops and performances, open to all.  

See our Festival Schedule Overview 
and Presentation Schedule and Summaries.

Note: Any changes in the schedule made at the festival were not entered here.

Evening Performances

Friday Evening Performances 7pm
* Oglala Lakota Tribe
* Synergy in Action (Playback Theatre)

Saturday Evening Performances 7:30pm
* Playback Memphis Theatre
* Village Playback Theatre

Sunday Evening Performances 7pm
* Friendly Rewinders - Sidwell's own
* Food Fight: a solo performance 



In case you wanted to peek at some of the wonderful spaces we'll be using at Sidwell Friends School we went through the school with a flipcam for your viewing pleasure.  We were inspired to learn that Sidwell Friends was the first K-12 school in the world to get a LEED platinum rating for its environmental design 


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